June 14, 2015

Could Never Hate You!

I come to the realization that maybe it time for me to accept responsibility for a relationship, that I believed was going to last, just didn't happen!

All I can do today, is sincerely wish the "love of my life", the best that life has to offer!

Really, not sure what the will happen in the future but I sure don't want history to repeat itself!

I Could Never Hate You
Never Hate You

I can never let hatred, disappointment or any other negative emotions, ever change me! Because even though I enjoy being a nice guy, whose main mistakes are caring too much about people who don't seem to care about me. Worrying too much about people who don't seem to care that I worry. Is it wrong for me to want a beautiful woman to love, who will be my loyal Queen and love me back! BrianMc

Not going to mention any names, but I really wanted things to be different!

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